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Teacher and Student View in Classroom

When I first started to use Google Classroom, I was not prepared to answer my students when they asked me “Where do I click?”. It is so important to explore Classroom from their point of view too to understand their own workflow for complete and submit assignment or to answer questions.

Here are some videos that show both the Teacher and the Student view.



The Right Way to Use Multiple Google Accounts

My life changed last month when I stumbled upon a post from Kasey Bell on Twitter! She got me out of my daily battle of dealing with my personal and my school Google accounts. For sure, I was becoming used to click on my school account every time I had to log in Classroom, but oh! the frustration of saving a document on Drive, just to realize that it wasn’t where it was supposed to be.

The solution? Having two different Chrome “identities”. It keeps things more separate and allow to have an environment specifically crafted for school.

OK, I have to admit that it still has its challenges. So much of my “personal space” is also dedicated to my work that it can be hard to decide, for example, which bookmark goes in which account, but it did help me to manage my Drives so much better!

Worth the little time it takes to set it up.


Google Classroom en français

Chaque utilisateur de Classroom peut choisir la langue de son environnement. En fait, Classroom sera en français si dans les paramètres du compte sont en français.

Voici comment aller modifier les paramètres de langue de votre compte Google.



Improve your Google Search Skills

How important is it now to develop great Internet searching skills? And how often do we see our students typing a complete question into Google?

Becoming a proficient user of Google Search takes some practice and Google offers great lesson plan and activities we can use in class. Why not try also the Google A Day Challenge?