Sharing makes us vulnerable but strong.

Sharing brings out the best in us to bring out the best in others. (...)


I’ve discovered sketchnoting more than a year ago, and I used this amazing way of representing knowledge in class with my students on few occasions already. I don’t know why it took me that long to dive in it myself! I did my first sketchnote with Procreate on my iPad. […]

Sketchnoting for the first time

Attending a Google Innovator Academy was a goal of such magnitude that it seemed unreal. Ever since I first learn about Google Certified Innovators, I was intrigued. Following the #COL16 cohort on Twitter was the sneak peek needed for me to decide that I had to be one of them... […]

The Academy, the tribe, the innovation, and me.

Who would have thought? Who could think that I would be where am I today, not even a year into my GAFE journey? I am still mesmerized by the fact that I will be officially a Google Certified Innovator in less than a month, after attending the academy in Toronto. I am […]

En route to the Google Innovator Academy

I will breathe in a week from now! Now, I am just... I can't even put words on how I feel.Let me back up a bit...I just submitted my application to the Google Innovator Academy. After a month of thinking, writing, rewriting, drawing, doubting, and cheering, it is now submitted. […]

Google Innovator

My students enjoy coding and the best thing for me is to witness amazing collaboration.Code Studio is such a great tool to introduce or go in real depth into coding, thanks to a great Teacher's Dashboard. I can see my students' progress and look at their work to see where […]

Collaboration in Code Studio

When I first started to use Google Classroom, I was not prepared to answer my students when they asked me “Where do I click?”. It is so important to explore Classroom from their point of view too to understand their own workflow for complete and submit assignment or to answer […]

Teacher and Student View in Classroom