Google Innovator

I will breathe in a week from now! Now, I am just... I can't even put words on how I feel.

Let me back up a bit...

I just submitted my application to the Google Innovator Academy. After a month of thinking, writing, rewriting, drawing, doubting, and cheering, it is now submitted. I cannot change a comma. That makes me scared!

But I should say that I am also really proud. Proud of having a vision. Proud of taking the risk to be "out there". Proud of wanting to innovate when so many fear change.


Do I feel confident? It is so hard to say. I wanted to be true and real and share a vision that I strongly believe in. Will it be enough to see the doors of the Academy opening for me? I hope so! If not, well... let's not think about that for now! I am optimistic, even when I face adversity! That won't change.

Have a look at my video and slide deck. It may inspire you to find your own idea for innovation.

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